Secret Photos of Heroine In Hidden Mode

It is no secret that many actresses and models are caught on camera in skimpy costumes and sometimes even in the nude. While some actors pose in the nude willingly, others are either blackmailed or forced to do so. Some other actresses are caught in the nude and other compromising positions while they are in a severely inebriated condition.

We now learn that a photographer has caught a very popular actress in Tamil completely nude on his camera. He is her regular photographer but he has managed to catch her in the nude while she was completely inebriated. The photos are now stored on a CD.

The photographer is using her in all aspects by blackmailing her with the CD. The poor heroine has no option but to succumb to his blackmailing tactics. Although a few helping hands have come for that heroine to batter that photographer and take out that CD, the heroine is afraid that he may certainly upload them on internet then. Film industry will not be a place to live in as long as such nasty, crooked and cruel photographers move.